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From the shores of Saudi Arabia comes an answer to the creative needs of the Middle East in Five Colors. The idea became a company that then opened up branches in Los Angeles, California and currently at UAE in the burgeoning, capital that is UAE. As the times are changing so are our methods we at Five Colors have not only an in house, we also have a team of freelance professionals that we hand pick specifically in accordance to our your needs as well as budget concerns. Think of us as one of those agencies you see on TV and Movies that hire special agents to guarantee the success of your mission! Your success is our success!


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Who we are

Five Colors starts from people with talent who makes a difference in the world. It starts as a dream, but becomes a reality. You ask what Five Colors is? Five Colors is a company who works with creativity and the beauty of the world to create photos, films, and advertisings. We focus on raw talent to start the dream, and transforms it into professional talent as we provide the tools to create the best professional results. We provide photos, film, opportunities for work, web-site packages, as well as social media fans. You are also published in our magazine to provide you with not only photos, but a new world of life by Five Colors. We creatively work together at Five Colors to create art…. Black with white, red with yellow, photographers with models, and directors with actors working together to create your world.